grilled pizza

i have three recipes left to meet my ten new BBQ recipes goal this summer. i decided to do something unusual for the last three. first up: grilled pizza. IMG_6442-1_edited-1i used this dough recipe, from elise’s blog. i had to add a little extra water to keep it from being too dry and crumbly.


just having fun while waiting for the dough to mix. IMG_6451-1_edited-1

dough ready to rise. IMG_6452-1_edited-1

i hadn’t planned to make my own pizza sauce, but safeway didn’t have fresh sauce like i was hoping to find. i used a very easy recipe i found, also on elise’s blog. IMG_6455-1_edited-1

four hours later, the dough is ready.IMG_6459-1_edited-1

dough, about halfway through the grilling process. i used these instructions for the grilling.

IMG_6462-1_edited-1toppings on, ready to go back on the grill.

IMG_6463-1_edited-1final product. overall, it was pretty good. the dough needs to cook a little longer and the pizza sauce was a little runny. room for improvement means more pizza making in our future.

yes, i know you might not expect pizza from me. today was the first time in probably two years i bought flour at the store. greg asked when he got home if “this was some kind of gluten free pizza”. no, it isn’t. for a few reasons, i’m branching out from my paleo ways. perhaps i’ll get around to writing about it in the future.

One thought on “grilled pizza

  1. Bunny Eats Design

    I’ve never made a grilled pizza. Yours looks legit 🙂

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