Project Life: Week 29

Week 29 (July 15 – July 21)

It seems unreal that we’re approaching week 30. Also, it’s twenty nine weeks in and I’m still struggling to find a good spot in our house to take decent photos of the album.


What happened this week: The usual – lots of walking, a Sounders game, doodle antics, and new BBQ recipe trying. We cleaned out the garage finally and enjoyed an afternoon at the Allegre’s baby shower.


Photography: Mostly iPhone with a few DSLR and 10:1 Beth to Greg; Greg documented the garage clean out process.


Out of the norm: Nothing very different than usual. I made the “life is so good right now” card on the far right. The blurred out card is just a description of what Greg and I are both doing at work right now. I thought it would be fun down the road to look back and read that, especially given how often we change roles. And my personal set of internet rules includes keeping work off the internet.

Supplies used: Seafoam project life kit; Elise Joy I LOVE and *You Are Here stamps and free download quote cards; the wood grain card and stickers are from the Studio Calico July kit. (I love the Studio Calico kit – for $18 a month I get a few supplies in the mail to keep things interesting.)

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