the garage

I’ve mentioned it more than once, but when we first moved into our house we were overwhelmed with pretty much everything. Puppy, wedding, buying a house, moving, renting out the condo, new clients, major work travel changes. We’ve slowly come out of the crazy and over the last few months have channeled most of our spare time (ha!) into make this first house of ours our home. That and watching the first five seasons of HIMYM in record time.

I am thisclose to being able to state that we are done furniture shopping and share pictures. We have a big delivery today, a trip to IKEA planned for this weekend, and I’m stalking the West Elm website waiting for nightstands to go on sale. Does anyone else have issues buying furniture if you know at some point it will go on sale? Greg is of the mindset that we need nightstands, but them now. I refuse since I know at some point in the next 12 months they will be 20% off.

Greg had one project he really wanted to work on, our garage. I wonder why?


My focus this summer has been on personalizing the inside of our house and getting the front yard under control. Since both of these are well on their way with still six weeks of summer to go, and we needed a route for the delivery guys to bring in furniture this week, I said the words Greg has been waiting to here for months, “honey, let’s attack the garage this weekend.”

So we did. I’m not sure there’s anything better than starting and finishing a project with my favorite person.
photo 1-1_edited-1photo 2_edited-1

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