Project Life: Week 27

Week 27 (July 1 – July 7)


What happened this week: Fourth of July! We worked Monday to Wednesday then took off for Lake Chelan. We stayed at the condo with Ken and Cathy until Saturday then came home to do fun stuff like laundry and grocery shopping for the first time in weeks.


Photography: I took all the pictures with my phone. I didn’t bring my ‘big’ camera with me, I’ve realized I just don’t get it out when we’re on a trip.

IMG_6281_edited-1Out of the norm: I took a shadow picture of the three of us and it’s by far my favorite picture right now. It sums up our summer so far perfectly – long walks with just our little family. So far we’re half way to my 50 mile goal and loving it. We walk all the time (so much in fact, we went to do a mile late on Sunday night before bed and one block in he just sat down and refused to walk any more). It’s defining the summer for me and I love it.


Alfred learned to swim! Greg took him off the boat launch into the water and to his ball. Once his little legs were moving, he let him go and he swam right back to me on the steps. He won’t jump in and swim on his own yet, but at least we know he can do it. IMG_6279_edited-1

Supplies used: Seafoam project life kit; Elise Joy *You Are Here stamp; the heart and observations cards are from the Studio Calico July kit.

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