Project Life: Week 26

Week 26 (June 24th – June 30th)

How is it possible half the year is already past us? It seems like it’s gone by so quickly, but then again when I look back to weeks from January and February they seem like a long time ago. IMG_2809_edited-1

What happened this week: The biggest event of the week was Greg and I traveling to the east coast to attend the retreat of our Hartford office. We spent a a day on Cape Cod and a day in Boston. It was a quick trip, but fun!20130707-172848.jpg

Photography: I think I have to admit that for the time being, I’m an iPhone photographer. Another week with only photos from my phone. I love my camera, but it’s summer and the weather is great and I don’t want to think about it all to much. I just want to be able to snap pictures for memories and the iPhone is perfect for that.

IMG_2811_edited-1Out of the Norm: Quite a few things, actually. I only used our travel pictures for this week, I didn’t include anything from the early part of the week. I mixed the format up by using a different design sheet protector for the right side. I (unintentionally) took several feet pictures. I’ve started to include more writing about our life on the journal cards rather than describing each picture. It’s pretty clear that our feet are in the sand, that we were in Hyannis (no Kennedy spottings, darn!), etc. When I go back to the early months of this year I’ve literally added descriptions for every single photo and it seems kind of silly now. So I’m trying instead to include more about where we are in our life and what’s going on that isn’t captured in photos. The blurred out RECORDED card has details of some nice recognition Greg got at work that doesn’t need to be posted on the internet. And lastly, this might be one of the few weeks that doesn’t have a single picture of the doodle.



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