Project Life: Weeks 22 & 23

My second to last week of catching up. Next week I’ll have last week’s and this week’s, and then going forward I’ll just have the previous week to share every week. Did you follow?

Week 22 (May 27 – Jun 2)


What happened this week: We went to Eastern WA for the first time this summer. It’s one of my favorite things about living up here. We usually have no plans other than to roam the orchard and hang out at the lake. And it’s warm and sunny. Alfred learned to swim this trip on the orchard river, so we’re really excited to take him out to the lake next time. We will be back soon and I can’t wait.


Photographers: Combo of iPhone and DSLR. Greg took a picture for me during each round of golf he played this week (once with Jon, once with my Dad in CO). A friend took the picture of us gym girls out watching a band.


Outside the Norm: I used the “I LOVE [      ]” stamp that I got from this blog/store. In case I haven’t mentioned it: I love summer.


Insert: During the month of May I kept up with the Instagram photo a day group and since this was the last week of May I included the photos as an insert. I used coin pouches from Amazon (I got the idea from a few blogs, I’m no craft genius) and used the remaining squares to write the prompts for the days. It looks nowhere near as cute as I had envisioned, but like everything else Project Life, if it’s not perfect I just move on and let it be.


 Week 23 (June 3 – June 9)


What happened this week: This was a very normal week and Greg was home (which isn’t so normal, but is starting to be more normal – yay!). We spent most of the weekend working on the part of the front yard that is within the gate. We got 90% of the way there. Since my goal for the summer is to get the front yard to a point of maintenance, I think we’re doing pretty good.


Photographers: They were all me and mostly from my phone.


Outside the Norm: I took a panorama on my phone at the Sounders game then printed it 4 x 12 to fill two 4×6 slots. I wasn’t able to crop it down to the full panorama (it would have cut too much off the top or bottom), but it is still a fun new way to capture a game photo. I also used the TimerCam app a few times to get shots with me/us in them.

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