Project Life: Weeks 20 & 21

I’m catching up now on weeks that I’ve done at home. It’s taking me a little while to get the hang of the new printer, so you’ll notice a lot of the photos are not the exact right size. Photo paper and ink are expensive though, so I’m not redoing anything that’s not perfect.

Week 20 (May 13 – 19)


What happened this week: Lots of working on the house. I love, love, love that it’s taking shape and starting to feel more “us” now. Also, after two years in storage my owl mat is back in front of a door. I don’t know why exactly, but man I love that thing.

Photographers: I took all the photos. For once I think I used my DSLR more than my iPhone. But considering this was almost a month ago, I really don’t remember.

Outside the Norm: I stopped date stamping everything. 1) It took forever, 2) I really don’t think years from now it will matter if something happened on the 14th or 16th of May 2013, and 3) I thought it was kind of taking away from the pictures. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t do it next year, but then I realized I am allowed to stop doing something mid year.

Insert: I had several photos of my new adventure with indoor plants and working in the front yard, so I included them as an insert. (A month later, I can report that everything is still alive!)



Week 21 (May 20 – 26)


What happened this week: Aside from normal weekday stuff, we traveled to LA for the weekend. We spent one day with friends and the next day with family, celebrating Avery’s first birthday!

Photographers: I took all the photos (minus the group shot at the winery) and almost everything is from my phone.

Outside the Norm: Nothing really. I think I used too many photos though and don’t really love the look of it. I think two small photos and two inserts per side is probably the best ratio.

Insert: One insert from our day with friends in Malibu. Maybe overkill, but I had too many cute photos of Avery and Maks to not do a full page on the birthday party. (Mia and Anna are making less of an appearance because the party was at a kid’s gym and they were having way too much fun for me to take their picture. Poor Maks, he can’t get away from Aunt Beth yet.)


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