summer intentions

blog summer 2013I’ve been pretty terrible at monthly goals this year. I’ve mostly given up on them, but I do like the idea of being intentional with my time so I came up with a list of ten things I want to do this summer. I did the same thing last summer and I (or we) did almost all of them. And it was good times.

1. Use our ice cream machine to make coconut milk ice cream. Many flavors.

2. Finish the front yard and get it to a point where it’s just maintenance.

3. Stop wasting food (i.e. use all the food I buy & defrost). Keep summer cooking simple.

4. Try ten new BBQ recipes.

5. Get a fun family self picture. From the photo above, this will require lots of practice.

6. Make a fire in our front yard fire pit. Potentially make s’mores.

7. Walk fifty miles with Alfred (basically, get back in the habit of after work walks).

8. Hang art in the office.

9. Learn to give myself a decent pedicure.

10. Make pull-up progress.


2 thoughts on “summer intentions

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