Project Life: Week 19

This is the last week of photos printed from Walgreens. I really like being able to to finish the entire week in one sitting and not having to revisit it three or four weeks later when my photos arrive.

What happened this week: Normal week of work and for the first time since March, Greg was home during the week. I guess that part is not really reflected in the photos, but he did hang our new art on Wednesday night! We bought a BBQ, started working on our front yard, and had friends over to enjoy the summer-like weather.

Though I don’t have a photo of it and didn’t write about it; I think my favorite memory of the week is going out to dinner with Greg on Thursday (family Mexican, of course) and then to get his car washed. It is not normal for us to 1) get to do something together during the week or 2) do something totally normal together. Since we spend so little time at home we pretty much divide and conquer everything and rarely have a chance to work together on a project. I know it’s weird to say washing the car together is ‘fun’, but it was.

Photographers: I took all the photos. With my new phone it’s harder for me to spot the iPhone photos in a spread. I would say this is probably 75% DSLR and the rest iPhone 5.

Outside the Norm: Nothing new but I feel like I’m really finding a way to make this about the pictures and not the scrapbooking, which was the whole intent of starting Project Life. A great example is the Sounders photo. Before I would have written a card about going to the game. But it’s pretty obvious that when you have a picture of the final score of a soccer match (4-0 Sounders, take that San Jose!), you were there.

I’m also using the TimerCam app to capture more self photos. Now that I have a good way of getting myself in each spread, I need to work on making sure Greg is too. Clearly I have no trouble ensuring Alfred makes an appearance each week.


I don’t know what happened to my close-up photo of the right side. As I’ve repeatedly said (at least to myself), the only way I both love and am keeping up with this project is that I don’t worry about perfection at all. So I’m not going back and taking another photo of it.

The Mom Creative

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