{house to home} living room


As soon as I got started on the front yard projects, the weather turned from spring back to winter and I had to put a hold on my outdoor activities. Instead I’ve been doing some work on the living room. I’m trying not to focus too much on one space so that I don’t just ‘get it done’ and hate it later, but the living room has definitely gotten the most attention so far.

My goal for this house is to use as much from our condo and San Francisco apartments as possible. Given that Alfred still loves to eat furniture and hopefully we’ll have kids sooner rather than later, this really doesn’t seem like the time to buy pricey new furniture. Plus the stuff we have right now is perfectly fine and doesn’t need to be replaced, so I’m working with it.

We have a greenish couch (which is the most comfortable couch in the world so as much as I hate the color I love the couch) and a few darker pieces of furniture. I wanted the room to be as light as possible so I found a bunch of color themes on Pinterest that would work with what we have and incorporate more light, like the one below.

It’s been a lot of fun waiting until I find the right pieces. We painted the walls a light gray (from the original taupe, in what was the worst weekend ever) and I found a piece of art on Etsy that ties together the colors pretty well. IMG_5920_edited-1

I got a floor lamp from CB2 and fun blue chairs from Target. IMG_2294-1_edited-1Our coffee and side tables were essentially wedding gifts, we used C&B gift cards to purchase them before our 10% off wedding discount ended. I got a fun grey shag rug from RugsUSA.com. I didn’t want a pattern, but I wanted something more than a plain solid rug so went for texture.

IMG_6024_edited-2Under the window I have my Criaglist find IKEA media console acting as a bench / holder of my indoor plants.

And that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. We have a built in bookshelf that needs a lot of work, the ugly sconces on the fireplace haven’t gone back up after we painted, and I have no idea what to do with the big wall space between the fireplace and TV. I’m hoping to collect three more pieces of the Pottery Barn wine modular set (I have one piece from my SF apartment), but it will take a while as I’m waiting for them to come up on Craigslist.

Now that I’m not stressing myself out to finish one room at a time, it’s really fun working with what I have and seeing what I can find to add. I’ve accepted that it will probably be just as we’re ready to move on from this house that it will finally feel finished. 

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