Project Life: Weeks 17 & 18

Two weeks this week. We bought a photo printer for our office this week (okay, I bought one after running it by Greg, I guarantee he will never use it) so now I don’t have to save up several weeks at a time to print through Walgreens. Also, I’m finding it hard to go back and remember anything about a week that happened a month ago (aside from what the pictures tell me), so I’m trying to catch up to more real time.

Week 18

What happened this week: After an insane April of travel (mostly Greg, some me) we had a down weekend with no plans. So happy. We spent lots of time as a family just hanging around the house. We let Alfred play in the front yard a lot, which is his most happy place. Our landscaping did not thank us. Aside from going on a long walk with Talia and Alfred one night, I can’t tell you what happened during the week because my memory no longer functions.

Photographers: Mostly iPhone, though the pictures of Alfred in the front yard are from my DSLR. I took all the photos this week.

Outside the Norm: Nothing, really. Though this is the first week I’ve moved away from documenting every single picture. I’m working on writing down specific things I want to remember, but for the most part letting pictures speak for themselves.



IMG_6076_edited-1Week 19

What happened this week: We had a weekend of down time, so obviously it was time to get back on the road and travel to the East Coast. We took Friday off and visited Mike in New York and Jamie, Julie, & Matt in New Jersey. We also had three rooms of our house painted (dining room, our bedroom, and guest room.)

I think we will always struggle with downtime versus travel; we both love traveling and seeing our people, but it gets exhausting. I struggle with it a lot more than Greg, he could live out of a suitcase for probably two months before it started to wear on him. I feel all out of sorts when we are gone for a weekend, but at the moment it’s a price worth paying. I’m sure kids will force us to slow down, so we’re trying to do as much as we can before they come around. Within reason though. We have probably a weekly text exchange where I send Greg great ideas for weekend travel and he always says yes. Then the next day I respond with why it would be a terrible idea (usually something like it means we’ll be traveling five weekends in a row or the flights are $1,000 each) and he says okay. #lobsters

Photographers: Mostly iPhone, I think I only took one picture with my DSLR (the photo of the Empire State Building from our hotel room). I got my iPhone 5 while we were in New York so I was excited to use the camera. So much better then my 4! Mike took the picture of Greg and I on Saturday night and Greg sent me the picture of the Apple store, the rest were all done by me.

Outside the Norm: Another Design H insert. Seems to be my go-to way of adding extra pictures from a trip. With my home printer I’m hoping to switch it up more, but Design H has 4×6 and 3×4 photos only which are very easy to print via Walgreens without a ton of cropping. In the first photo the insert is on the right and then on the left in the second photo.

I was really worn out after this trip (we took a 7am flight back Monday morning which meant a 4:45 am EDT wake-up call and it just killed me for what felt like an entire week) and spent very little time putting this together. I don’t like the colors much and the photos from our trip really don’t follow a great order. But that’s the beauty of Project Life: This week is done, we can look back and remember it, and I’ve already moved on to the next.

Also, I’d like to bring your attention to what might be the trip with the worst pictures of us ever. I was really bad at taking photos on this trip and the only two I had of us are just awful. But hey, it’s life. On to week 20. IMG_6078_edited-1


The Mom Creative

2 thoughts on “Project Life: Weeks 17 & 18

  1. Kathleen

    Just found your blog; loving your PL. If your goal was to better your photography, you are succeeding. Great idea to switch to paper from digital. Your album feels more complete if that makes sense. Need to ask: where did you get the NY state (and other states) journal cards? I saw the digital files somewhere and promptly forgot where. Also have you found the perfect journaling pen? I’ve been on the hunt for that, too. (I am currently liking the Sharpie Fine Point.) Keep at it! You are creating a wonderful gift for your family.

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Thank you for the sweet comment! Since switching to paper (and adding the Studio Calico & Kelly Purkey kits) I am really loving this project now and having fun taking tons of everyday pictures. I haven’t found the perfect pen yet, I’m still using my Precision Pens. Once they run out I think I’ll try for something new. I’m nearly positive I got the state cards from Wild Blueberry Ink, but I’m not seeing them available now.


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