House to Home: Green Thumb

In the first several months we lived in our house we literally did nothing to make it a home. It probably had something to do with the exhausting events of 2012 and our desire to do nothing afterwards. For whatever reason though, the home bug has hit me like crazy lately and I’m quickly making up for lost time. I spent most of this weekend working on the house while Greg was getting ready for a big work week.

IMG_6018_edited-1blogSince firing our gardner a few weeks ago we realized our yard is a little too much for us to maintain with our current workloads. My MIL suggested we lay down bark to help keep weeds to a minimum and have an overall cleaner look. (I should note this was after she and her husband surprised us with an afternoon of working on our yard while we were at work and giving us an old lawnmower and edger they weren’t using – we are very grateful.) On Saturday I picked up two bags of small bark and filled (almost) two planters – verdict: we love it!


An additional bonus is that Alfred seems to be totally uninterested in it, unlike the bare dirt that was there before. Right now I’m concentrating on the yard within our fence. I’ll deal with our yard outside the fence once I get this under control. IMG_2341-1_edited-1

I ran out of bark and couldn’t finish the second planter, but It will get done soon.

IMG_6031_edited-1While at the nursery I also picked up a handful of indoor plants. As we’re moving into summer I can feel my mood really shifting for the better. I think struggling through winter is always going to be hard for me as long as we live in the PNW, but I’m trying to figure out ways to make it easier. I’m thinking having green plants in the house will help alleviate some of the blah I start to feel when everything around me is grey.


A very nice employee at the nursery took my list of ten non-toxic to dog plants and showed me the nine that they carried. (Don’t think I’m overzealous, it actually didn’t occur to me until I was there that Alfred eats everything; my list of plants was the first link on a quick iPhone google search.) I picked the five that I liked the look of most and mixed up the sizes. I bought cheap terra cotta pots and transplanted each on Sunday with soil the previous owners left in the backyard.

IMG_6024_edited-1I started with just five to sit on top of a new-to-us bench I picked up off of Craigslist earlier this week. As usual, my first instinct was to buy plants for the entire house. But I’m trying hard these days to be reasonable and take on projects where I have a chance of success. If these five live for a few months, maybe I’ll add more.

The bench is a media stand I waited patiently for someone to post on Craigslist. Since it’s filler furniture (meaning aside from holding plants we have no use for it other than to fill a space gap in our extra long living room), I really didn’t want to pay full price. It is a full inch taller than the IKEA website notes in the specifications and we can’t put it flush against the wall because it hits the shutters. Between the parking ticket I got while getting the bench and the saw we need to buy to shorten it, I’m pretty sure we’re going to just break even. But we didn’t have to go to IKEA or put it together. So, #winning.

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