Project Life: Week 17

What happened this week: This was an extra fun week as I headed down to LA for Lauren’s baby shower! Catching up with college friends, seeing family, and celebrating the new Smithski adventure – good times.

Photographers: For once I didn’t take all the pictures; my friend Alexis picked up my camera during the shower and made sure we got pictures of everything. Greg also took a few pictures of his weekend at home with the doodle. The vast majority are from my ‘real’ camera or Greg’s iPhone. I used my phone for a few photos.

Outside the Norm: I used a Design H insert since there were so many pictures I wanted to include. It’s half of a regular sheet protector so it blends in to the pictures below. It’s on the right in the first photo (the shower “rehearsal dinner”) and left in the second photo (cake, mimosa bar & happy family).


IMG_6009_edited-1I also finally finished the title page after scrapping my original digital album. The fillers all came with the Seafoam kit. I added the photos (same as from the digital version – the last 2011 pictures I had of each of us) and used some foam letters left over from Lauren’s shower decor to include 2013 and our one little word. I also bought new albums that are less ‘scrapbooky’ looking than the Project Life ones. I have this sitting on the coffee table and I like it a lot more now that it looks like a normal album.

IMG_6017_edited-1In other Project Life news, I decided to stop working on my 2012 album. I’m not sure there’s anything worse than going back in time and documenting with terrible pictures. Also, I really did not like the Olive kit which was not helping my motivation. Rather than continuing to spend the money and time finishing it, I’m going to admit defeat and move on. I can use my limited creative juices on making our house feel more like our home.

The Mom Creative

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