Project Life: Weeks 13 & 14

Playing a little catch-up this week with weeks 13 and 14 (for those of you who don’t live in Project Life land, we’re currently in week 18). I had four weeks of pictures delivered this weekend and had a lot of fun remembering the last few weeks.

Week 13 we took our winter getaway to Phoenix. We had impeccable timing as Alfred spent the weekend in the snow in Redmond while we sipped fruity drinks in 80 degree weather. You know it’s a very relaxing getaway weekend when you have so few pictures you include one of the bird in a tree who pooped on your husband’s iPad.

Roberta sent me a few pictures of Greg as a child this week and I included them. He still does all the vacuuming.

IMG_2035_edited-1 IMG_2036_edited-1 IMG_2037_edited-1Week 14 was a pretty normal week. We celebrated Easter and Alfred’s first birthday with Roberta and Don on a lovely 70 degree weekend.

IMG_2038_edited-1 IMG_2039_edited-1 IMG_2040_edited-1

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