Project Life: January 2012

My new paper PL process involves ordering photos from Walgreens. I am doing the album all matte, which you can’t pick-up in store and have to have shipped. To avoid shipping fees every week, I try to print several weeks together and this also means I can take advantage of whatever deal they always have going on, like buy 25 get 25 free.

All that to say, I don’t have week twelve to share this week because the photos were ordered while en route to Los Angeles on Saturday morning and have not arrived yet. A benefit of a husband who travels all the time: free internet. I did my photo ordering and grocery shopping from 30,000 feet.

So instead, I will share with you the second album I’m making. There are a lot of things one can say about me, but no one can ever say I don’t 100% throw myself at my latest hobby. Whether that is a good trait or not, I’ll let you decide.

Anyway, last year I participated in Project 365 and took a billion pictures. (As I’m learning while re-editing and printing, in the beginning of the year I took a billion terrible pictures.)

I’m doing it very simply by month. And so far I’ve done… January. (I did just get the printed photos for February back.) I’m using the Olive edition of Project Life (album // kit); it’s not my favorite thing, but of the paper options I liked it enough and didn’t want to wait to get started until the new ones come out over the summer. Now I wish I had waited, but oh well. I can use one of the new ones I like for 2014. Because I never get ahead of myself. Ever.

My matte finish and rounded corners for 2013 are sort of a giant pain in the ass, so for 2012 I’m printing normal (glossy) and having a white border added to the 4×6 photos. I’m still rounding the corners of the 3×4 because I can’t add a white border to them but they needed something.

So here’s January. Ignore the incredibly dark, horrible photos. Be thankful I saved you from all 31 photos from my photo-a-day challenge. There is nothing like checking out someone else’s dresser change jar. I’m putting together February and editing March photos and I promise it gets better.

Taking these with my iPhone didn’t help, but I really haven’t learned the art of taking photos of my photos yet.

We started the year winning the NYE dress like your drink (jalapeno margaritas) contest, and then sent out of save the dates and took engagement pictures. We also had a few random date nights.


We celebrated my birthday and I took some random photos. IMG_2023_edited-1

My mom and sister came out to help me find the dress and we had a fun short weekend in Seattle. IMG_2024_edited-1

And then we got three days of snow that shut down the city. IMG_2025_edited-1

The Mom Creative

4 thoughts on “Project Life: January 2012

  1. katiesnestingspot

    Congrats on making it through a 365 project. I tried two or three times and never made it more than a month. I thought PL had to be done in a 365 method so I also started and stopped PL that many times. I’m so glad that PL 365 has morphed into Project Life so I don’t have that pressure. I really like your pictures with Olive. I have never used just a core kit for an album but I like the look of having everything work together instead of looking kind of more random like my pages do. I had no idea getting matte pictures was such a big deal! I get mine at Costco matte all the time. Maybe you could switch there? Or do a fourth of the year in matte and then switch to glossy? Anyhoo, just thinking aloud so to speak! BTW I love the dress like your drink idea! Fun.


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