Project Life: Week Ten (and a new approach)

It’s been over a month since I posted a project life update, but I’m actually caught up through last week. I haven’t posted because I completely changed my process and went from digital to paper. I know I said I would never be a ‘scrapbooker’ and thought digital meant I wasn’t one, but here were the problems with it:

  • Time: It was taking me 4 to 5 hours a week to make the two pages. I might not have the most exciting life (though I’m 100% happy with it), but I do not have an extra 4 to 5 hours to sit in front of a screen and play on the computer. Nor did I want to be adding that much screen time to my life given my occupation requires 30+ hours a week in front of the screen.
  • Perfection: With digital, it’s easy to keep tweaking and keep tweaking and…. There’s always a new blog post with someone’s latest idea that can drive you to go back and change all your previous weeks. There’s no end to it until the year is over and it’s time to print the pages.
  • Cost: I was spending a lot of money. We’re not talking hundreds of dollars, but buying new “supplies” every week for $5 here and $10 there was starting to add up. It was enough that my computer was starting to feel cluttered.
  • Overwhelming: As I bought more supplies, I had more choices every week. Aside from the time & cost of this, it also was really overwhelming each week to pick a starting point for the layout. I just had too many options.
  • Missing the point: I wanted to PL to have a reason to keep improving my photography. Instead I was snapping pics on my iPhone without thinking. Not that I still don’t do this – smart phone cameras are so great for capturing things on the go, but I was spending so much time creating the pages I was barely picking up my “real” camera.

And the misconceptions I had about paper PL:

  • It will be a mess and Greg will divorce me because I add scrapbooking supplies to the list of sh!t I leave around the house constantly (Seriously, it’s genetic, I have a condition. Just ask my siblings. Or my mom.). Here’s the whole kit. I keep a pack of post-its and a few pens in the big square and the entire “mess” is contained to this little box that sits on a closet shelf and comes out once a week. IMG_5467
  • It would be more expensive. I spent a little less than $100 for the album, pocket pages, and Seafoam kit. It costs about $2 a week to print pictures, so in total I’ll spend about $200 for the year. I had easily spent that much already just on supplies and had yet to print a single thing. An album for the full year was going to be about $150 or printing 12×12 pages to put in a binder was going to be $4 per week. I was looking at probably close to $500 if I had kept going digital.

Other things I love about going paper:

  • Huge time savings: I spend about 30 minutes editing pictures (maybe more if we traveled or I have tons of pictures for whatever reason) and 30 minutes figuring out the layout. Maybe another 30 minutes to upload pictures to Walgreens and then round the corners and put them in album once they are ready.
  • Streamline: Since I had to select one kit, the album looks so much more streamlined. Some weeks I spend more time picking the perfect design, other weeks I just throw cards in and write on them, knowing that they look decent together since they’re from the same design.
  • Inserts: On weeks I have lots of pictures I can add an insert (I should add that to the total, I spent another $20 on a variety of inserts) and include more pictures.
  • Printing pictures: I had no idea how much seeing my pictures printed would give me more motivation to keep improving.
  • Building the album: Now that I’ve gone paper, I can watch my album build up weekly. That is so much more satisfying than saving files on my computer, knowing it would be 40+ weeks before I saw the final result. I keep the album on the coffee table and seriously look through it constantly.

So here’s week ten. (Don’t worry, I will spare you from looking at weeks 1 – 9 again). (And yes, I will figure out how to take better pictures of the pages – these are terrible.) There happened to be a lot of personal information this week, hence all the blackouts. You can click on the pictures to actually read the text.

IMG_5659_edited-2 IMG_5664_edited-1IMG_5666_edited-1

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