Playing Catch-up

I’m trying to blog more, but I’m also trying to get more into a routine so mornings are less crazy and so I have an easier time falling asleep at night. Which mostly means I’m not using my computer after work for things like Project Life or blogging. This week I’m trying out an early morning routine for doing my fun computer stuff.

(And before you think Project Life was one of my hair brained ideas that lasted for only the first nine weeks of the year (why would you ever think that?), rest assured I’m still keeping up. I just made a few changes and haven’t had time to…document my documenting?)

So here’s what’s been going on the last few weeks:

Proof that I can clean & jerk 95 pounds.


I wouldn’t want you to think I’m some sort of CrossFit phenomenon. Please take a look at the results from my box. There are people who didn’t even do all five workouts that rank higher than I do. Ha! This is why I love CrossFit, literally anyone can do it. My goal this year was just to complete all five workouts and I did. Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 6.07.53 AM

Sometimes you need ice cream on Friday night for a more enjoyable TV watching experience. We shared B&J’s cookies and milk, which tastes incredibly like a glass of milk with cookie crumbles in it.


Friday nights are my favorite because we usually do nothing besides catch up from work and travel all week. And I get pictures like this of my people that just make me really happy.


Alfred turned 1 on Saturday, March 30th. I decided that when we should really celebrate is Memorial Day weekend, when we’ve survived one year of puppy. Nonetheless it was a beautiful day so the birthday boy got an extra long trip to Magnuson for swimming in the lake. Mostly it was extra long because I dropped his collar and we had to walk the entire (large) park a second time to find it.


We had Roberta & Don over on Easter for dinner. I made this salad which I put on cucumber slices for an appetizer. I suggest you make it soon. I think this is the first time I’ve hosted a holiday, so of course it required some table decorating.


I made a little dog cake for Alfred who ate his and Bailey’s as well. I guess when it’s your birthday you are allowed to eat your guest’s cake. Yes, I made him wear a bow. Only because the grocery store did not have party hats.


Happy belated Easter from the Martins.family_bday_edited-1I’ll leave the living room painting saga for another post. I’m not ready to relive it quite yet.

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