Phoenix Recap & 13.4

I wish I was waking up again in Phoenix this morning! Greg and I flew out late on Thursday night and spent the weekend doing nothing. It was the most boring trip ever, in a really good way. If you ever just need to recharge, I suggest going to a resort in the middle of no where and not renting a car. We were in bed every night by ten and slept for ten or eleven hours, we sat at the pool and read books, and we went out to dinner. We also watched a lot of HGTV as we are known to do since we’re deprived of it during real life.

That’s my whole recap because it really was the most boring trip ever.



Last night was the 13.4 workout. Since I abandoned my blog for a while I haven’t written about the CrossFit Games. Last year I signed up but only did the first two workouts. So this year my goal is to do all five. I’ve survived the first four, I think I’ll make it.

Last night’s WOD was two parts – a clean & jerk (getting a barbell from the ground to your shoulders then over your head) followed by toes to bar (while hanging from a bar, touching your toes to the bar). I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get any reps because the clean & jerk was 95 pounds, 25 more than I’ve ever done. But I did the first three! There is photographic evidence, but I don’t have it yet.

Then it was time for 3 T2B. I hung around on the bar trying my best to get my toes to touch. I think I looked a lot like a fish on a hook squirming around. I didn’t succeed but came very close a few times. It was closer then I’ve ever come so I’m going to just be happy with that and take my 3 reps. I’m pretty sure I’ll lose my coveted second to last place in our gym and fall to last after this workout.

When I got home it was still light out (!) so Alfred and I played in the backyard for a bit. He wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot and instead wanted to eat the grass we have coming up and one of his many sticks he’s collected on walks.



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