Doodle Date & Free Yoga

A few weeks ago we invited our friend (and co-worker, cause that’s just how we do things in the Martin house) Katelyn and her husband, Will, to bring their dog over to our place. Winston is a two year old full-sized Goldendoodle. He’s become more blonde in the last year (we’re not sure if this will happen with Alfred or not), but looking at “baby” pictures of the two of them it’s nearly impossible to tell which is which. They played in the backyard for a while and got to know each other. I think as Alfred looses some of his annoying puppy behaviors they will enjoy playing together even more.


I gave up trying to get great shots of two moving beasts, but Katelyn was persistent and sent me some pictures. Alfred now has two BFFs, we just need to find him a girlfriend.


In other news, I checked out the Amazon Prime yoga offerings last night. I already pay a pretty penny for my monthly CrossFit dues so I don’t really want to pay for a yoga studio as well. But I’m trying to be smart about not over training at the gym and mixing in enough mobility work. I did a beginner’s yoga workout and it was okay. I couldn’t find anything that was just about yoga and not also about toning or strengthening. Kind of annoying so I might try to come up with my own routine.


The last time I tried to workout at home I was accosted by a furry ball of energy to the point where it was, well, pointless. Amazing how a few months make a difference; Alfred laid on the ottoman and watched me but had no interest in joining after spending a few minutes barking at the threatening, soft yoga-man voice.

Happy Thursday, friends & mom! I am ready for the weekend. I always feel like the weeks after we’ve been out of town are super long and unorganized.

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