Mini Meal plan

I took a few weeks off from menu planning and tried a new system where I listed out all my cooked and defrosted meat and available veggies. It worked the first week (probably just because I love new systems) but since then its been a major flop. In fact, aside from Monday dinner last week I bought every single meal I ate.

And that made me feel super great in a bathing suit in Phoenix all weekend.

So back to my regularly scheduled meal plans. I am switching things up to go Saturday – Friday. Weekend plans pop up during the week so planning weekend meals almost a full week before usually leads to wasted food.

Monday: I’m having dinner with a friend and Greg is fending for himself
Tuesday: Baked Chicken Thighs with salad and roasted broccoli
Wednesday: Greg has a client dinner so I’m making turkey taco salad to last two nights
Thursday: See above (Greg has another work event)
Friday: Salmon, sautéed spinach, and kale salad

I’m making more Southwest Frittata for breakfast after a few weeks of spicy egg salads over spinach. No clue what I’ll eat for lunch but hoping I find leftovers in the freezer tonight! No recipes this week since I’m already behind with being out of town. Just simple meals I can make without following directions.

I have a few new cookbooks on my shelf (and more arriving this week if I’m honest). I’m hoping to try some new recipes soon and pass along anything good.

2 thoughts on “Mini Meal plan

  1. Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    I’m starting a Whole30 on Monday, so I’m currently working on a meal plan myself! That southwest fritta sounds awesome. I’m obessed with my Practical Paleo cookbook, you should check it out if you haven’t already!


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