February Goals

1. Clean out the garage. We’re getting there, but it’s nowhere near done. All the recycling from moving and opening wedding gifts is finally gone so that’s a good step, but we still have boxes to unpack, Goodwill runs to make, and shelves to put up and organize.

2. Average eight hours of sleep per night. I actually made a lot of progress with sleep. Now that I have my Lark, I know I need to schedule about nine hours for sleep in order to get eight (it’s so awesome being a crappy sleeper). I’m getting to bed earlier on the weeknights and trying not to schedule any early morning weekend activities so I can sleep in. In general I’m not drinking much these days which is helping me stay asleep throughout the night.

3. Use my pressure cooker. Nope.

4. Buy no new Project Life supplies. I think I bought a few things, but nothing like January. Progress?

5. Get to the gym 15 times. I made it 12, or an average of three times per week. Not too bad, considering we were out of town one weekend and I started the month off with the flu.

I’m liking these monthly goals over yearly resolutions so I think I’ll keep it up. Time to figure out the March goals.

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