Project Life: Week Eight

I think this is the latest I’ve gotten my project life for the week before done. Truth be told, I’m using working on the current week by now. I guess this is a good sign – I’ve got more going on than too much computer time.

  • I used the last of my unused kits this week – Olive. I have mixed thoughts on Olive; I love the colors but I’m not a huge fan of the florals and feminineness. I think it would make a really pretty baby book or wedding album though.
  • I stopped trying to cover every day of the week on the Week in Review cards. There are only so many ways I can say “I dropped the dog off, went to work, went to the gym, picked the dog up, puttered around the house”.
  • We went to Denver this weekend so I used a different template than usual for the right page so I could fit more pictures.
  • I crossed out some family news I didn’t want to share publicly and the orange box is where the template is showing through because I hid the picture of my sister trying on wedding dresses for the blog version.
  • I had so many cute pictures of all the littles I finally just gave up and picked my favorite of each to include along the bottom. The picture of Maks at the bottom left about kills me. This kid makes the best faces ever.



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