February Favorites

Many of the blogs I follow do a monthly recap of favorites; I always love reading them so I thought it would be fun to do my own. I’m not sure this will catch on since I’m queen of starting great ideas and not continuing them. At least for now I will do my part to share good finds with the Internet at large.


1. The Crate&Barrel Cafe Mug might be the best mug on the plant. We got four as a wedding gift and I just recently purchased another four so we won’t have anymore dishwasher emergencies on weekend mornings. They are the perfect size and fit in your hand so comfortably. Oh, and they are only $3.95 each.

2. I am loving Gap right now. We have a cyclical relationship, but since I swore off buying clothes online a few months ago and there is a Gap just a mile north of me with easy parking, it’s become my go-to place. It also doesn’t help that their spring line is full of stripes in blues and greens.

32 Ounce Wide Mouth-2T

3. The 32 oz wide mouth bottle from Nalgene is my new water bottle of choice. It’s BPA free, though I’m sure there’s something else I should be worried about with plastic. But since I’m drinking two a day, I’m not going to worry about it. It comes in many fun colors – I have green and orange (and a red Slalom-branded one that originally got me hooked).


4. Jillian Flynn novels are the perfect mix of fun, suspenseful, and well written. I pretty much will read anything, but I don’t exactly enjoy crappy novels that are meant to just past the time. Somehow her books combine the easy reading part of crappy novels with more meat, if that even makes sense.

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