Project Life: Week Seven

When I sat down to work on week seven yesterday, I realized I had taken very few pictures this weekend. I made it work, but it’s a little on the boring side. I used the February kit I bought (the last thing I bought before I realized I needed to stop buying kits). Even though it’s not my style – the pink, the hearts, the mass amounts of purple I didn’t use – I had fun with it since it was Valentine’s Day. The background is from Seafoam and the heart graphic with the verse on it I found on Etsy via Pinterest and recolored in PSE to match the colors of the kit. I was so lacking in pictures I had to borrow from the Ray’s Boathouse and Crate & Barrel websites.

I didn’t manage a picture of myself this week. There was an incident last night that involved trying to capture a moment of zen on the bathroom floor with nail polish, my kindle, a glass of vino, and freshly painted bright pink toenails. Instead of an artsy picture, the moment ended with me cleaning pinot noir out of my heater vent.



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