Project Life: Week Six

I’m tired and have to bake a breakfast casserole, shower, and do some work before I can get to bed so I’ll make this short and sweet.

  • I used  Turquoise this week.
  • The title card says that I love this when in fact I don’t even like it. I bought Turquoise when I went crazy buying kits and it’s not really my thing. Lots of neutrals and dark colors, geometric shapes. But since I bought it I told myself I had to use it at least once if not more. I picked the four colors I like the best from the kit (green, blue, red, white) and made the best of it.
  • I’m trying to include a picture of both Greg and myself each week. It’s been hard to get Greg with his travel. I got two of each of us this week!
  • This is absolute proof your life can be super normal and you can still do a Project Life. I think in a few years when we have kids I will look back with envy that I got to go the gym after work everyday and laugh at how exhausting I thought it was to cart Alfred around to all his social obligations. I am still so happy I stumbled upon this right before the new year.
  • I didn’t have that much fun putting together this week’s spread, I think because I just didn’t love the design.
  • There are no pictures of Alfred in this spread, which was totally unintentional. Maybe I haven’t turned into a weird dog person after all.PL_2013_Week6A PL_2013_Week6B

I’ve never done a link-up before, but it seemed like fun, so I added my post over here.

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