What’s On Our Plates

Literally…here’s what we’re eating this week.

Tonight I made a ham and carrot soufflé (sort of) with a side salad. For some reason I made a big Sunday dinner and forgot to take a picture. I made the ham because I’m trying to clear out all the meat that it’s in our kitchen freezer so I can keep all meat in the garage freezer from now on. I made up my own glaze for it with lemon juice, dijon, and maple syrup (yes, the picture has molasses, at the last minute I got nervous about molasses and switched it out). Per my Betty Crocker cookbook I baked it at 325 for 15 – 20 minutes per pound. I was closer to the 15 min side and it came out so moist and delicious.


My goal for menu planning this week was as little mid week cooking as possible. With Greg traveling so much and Alfred eating our house alive, I’m spending an extra 30 – 60 minutes a day in the car carting him around to daycare or playdates. I’m also kicking ass in the gym, which is another hour a day plus driving time. So good food is still high on my list of priorities, I’m just living a big life of leftovers right now, which is totally fine with me.

Breakfast all week: Southwest Frittata + avocado (because, yes, I can eat the same thing for breakfast for two months and not bat an eye)

Lunch all week: Turkey Tomato Sauce over Spaghetti Squash + Salad (go make this recipe – it’s delicious and super easy and makes four big servings; I have a lunch meeting on Thursday so this will last me all week)


Dinner Mon – Wed: Ham and Cabbage Soup + Carrot Soufflé (I am attempting to make this soup in the crockpot tomorrow with leftover ham; let’s hope it turns out so I don’t have to rethink dinners)

Dinner Thursday: Steak + Bacon Green Beans (Greg is coming home early for Valentine’s Day so we’re going crazy and having steak and bacon in the same meal. We are crazy newlyweds like that.)

Dinner Friday: Having dinner with friends, hopefully I’ll remember to call text and ask what I can bring before we head over

My lunch is already packed for Monday and Tuesday, I’m about to pick out five outfits for the week, and we just did our cleaning “power hour” (yes, I call it that and Greg goes along with it because by calling it that and making it exactly 60 minutes long he can get me to clean for an hour every week). I’m ready to take on the week and hopefully not have it take me on like last week.

Edited to add: Don’t worry, I don’t actually have it all together. As soon as I posted this, I realized I haven’t showered yet today. So I guess I’m adding that to my list before bedtime.

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