Project Life: Finishing Up the Redo

Yay for being sick, I got time to convert my title page and weeks one and two to my new format. Ugh. Mostly said with sarcasm.

All I did for the title page was fix my cropped pictures now that I know how to correctly use PSE and add a background. As I started to create my book on Shutterfly, I noticed that the tan background looks really boring page in and page out, so I’m adding backgrounds. I don’t particularly love it because they look a little more scrapbooky now, but that’s better than boring I guess. Made all with the Clementine kit and a freebie for the welcome 2013. In fact, all the pages here were done with Clementine since it was the first one I bought.


Redone Week One – I added a background and updated most of the text to be one of three fonts. I was going a little font crazy before and it’s much easier and quicker to put together a week spread the more streamlined things are. I also changed the right side to be template A. Unless I have a really good reason not to, I’m only going to use template A going forward for both pages. Again with the streamlined -> quick and easy. I changed up the title, added the calendar, and added the week in review card. If I keep all three of those in every spread, it’s three cards that are already done… streamline…



Week Two – I LOVED the way I had fixed our Portland trip pictures, so I made an exception to using template A and having the calendar / week in review in their normal spots (plus this was already done so it really didn’t matter). I fixed the title card, added background / calendar / week in review, and updated the fonts. Oh, and added a picture of my nephew from that week because I can’t get enough of his smiling cheeks.





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