Project Life: Redone

I seem to work with people who love to come to the office sick and after December’s flu I’ve now come down with a terrible sore throat. What’s weird is that I really don’t have any other symptoms, but the sore throat is one of the worst I’ve had. Sigh. While working on my Project Life last night I finally came up with a format I really like. Which of course means I have to go back and redo the first four weeks. Luckily things clicked for me in week five! I redid the third and fourth weeks this morning while pouting that I can’t have any weekend fun. I’m desperately trying to feel better by tomorrow so we can still go forward with our planned Super Bowl party. I am both looking forward to have friends over AND I need something going on to document (I’m mostly joking with that last part). I hope your Saturday is a little more fun than mine!PL_2013_Week3A


PL_2013_Week4A PL_2013_Week4B

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