The ABCs of 2013

I saw this idea on the Carrots ‘N’ Cake blog and thought it would be fun to do as well. It also helps that I can use it to procrastinate from cleaning the house while I wait for Greg to come home with dinner.

A – Alfred growing up. It’s sad that this has to be first, but I’m really excited for Alfred to go from puppy to dog and be just a little bit more calm.


B – Bar-B-Qs. Our new house has the most entertaining-friendly front yard and I can’t wait to use it once summer comes around.

C – CrossFit. I’m back and more obsessed than last year. The Open starts in March and I can’t wait!


D – Documenting. I am loving Project Life and trying to keep up with my One Line A Day book. I’m keeping it to a minimum this year.

E – Eastern Washington weekends. Summer can’t come fast enough and I’m excited to spend many weekends visiting Ken and Cathy and soaking up the sun.


F – Futbol! The Sounder’s season starts the first weekend of March and we are ready. We have six seats this year and it’s going to be a blast with the Kays and Tupling-Irvines.


G – Getaway. We didn’t do a winter getaway last year. We learned our lesson. We’re spending a long weekend in Phoenix in March.

H – Happy first anniversary. I think it’s so fun that Greg and I will get to celebrate our first anniversary this year… and hopefully somewhere fun!


I – Ice cream! Our friends Kevin and Anita gave us an ice cream maker for a wedding gift and I’m looking forward to try out some fun (coconut milk) flavors.

J – Journeying to South America. I have always, always wanted to go to South America and it seems like this might be the year. Not for sure yet, but I hope so!

K – Kitchen time. Besides the ice cream maker, we got many other kitchen gadgets and I’m looking forward to using them all and keeping up with cooking most of our food.

L – Little Smithski. It’s not every day (or even every year or decade) that your BFF has a baby; I’m co-hosting a fun shower in April and then meeting the little guy or gal in July. Yippee!

Library - 0296

M – Martin Family Golf Tournament. I’ve missed it both years and I’m so hoping timing works out this year.

N – New York. Spring in New York visiting friends, a new baby, and my BIL. My life is good.


O – Offal. I’m going to eat offal this year. Ugh.

P – Pull-up. I’m going to do a pull-up this year. It’s going to happen.

Q – Quiet time. I’m loving that we are following through with ‘relax’ being our word of the year. We’re having lots of fun and have many plans in the works, but we also have low key nights at home that are much needed.

R – Reading. Four books down, how many more can I fit in this year? I hope my love for books never wanes.

S – San Francisco. Almost two years to the day from when I left I’ll be back for the wedding of good friends.


T – “Tacos”. When I first went Paleo I was obsessed with lettuce tacos. I sort of forgot about them, but now I’m remember how easy and awesome they are.

U – Update the office. The office is our favorite room and where we spend the most time together. It’s going to be the first room we work on in the house.

V – Volunteering. I’m hoping to find an organization to volunteer with, it’s been too long.

W – Weekenders with the Collins. It’s not secret we spend a lot of time and money visiting my family, and I’m very thankful we can. We already have two weekends on the books and I’m sure there will be more.

Collins Family Picture 2012

X – Xploring Washington. I hope we can get out more this year and see new parts of the state.

Y – Youngsters. Besides the four currently in my family, two new babies are being born to close friends this year. I’m loving getting to be around so many little ones these days!

Z – Zoom zoom. I’m still loving my little Mazda 3 and it’s coming up on it’s first birthday. I still find it totally enjoyable to drive to and from work in it. Maybe I’ll keep this one ten years, too, so my next new car feels as awesome!

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