What We’ve Been Eating

Since we were in Portland all weekend last weekend, and when we got home we were pretty much exhausted from spending 48 hours with a 10 month old puppy in a hotel room, I never made a meal plan. Instead, I forced myself off the couch and stocked up on ready to eat or very easy to prepare veggies at Trader Joe’s, then emptied out my freezer of all frozen leftovers. This is exactly why I freeze most of our leftovers, since we travel at least once a month.

I spent about an hour in the kitchen instead of my usual three or four chopping and roasting veggies. Then I made a list of what we had and as I ate it during the week I crossed it off.


While the veggies were roasting, I made a triple batch of Southwest Frittata (which we ate for dinner that night) and ended up with 16 premade breakfasts ready for the freezer (I also roasted two spaghetti squashes and froze in muffin tins so to go with my eggs in the morning). I would say that a triple batch is stretching it, I made a mess trying to keep it all in the pan and had to switch to a soup pot, which didn’t work. Next time I’ll just double. But the fact that I don’t have to think about week day breakfast until sometime in February is 100% worth the mess.


Despite the lack of a plan, we ended up with some tasty meals this week. On the left, chicken salad with homemade mayo and roasted carrots; on the right, pork steak, butternut squash, and spinach (forgot to list most of that on my food list). Neither of these meals took more than twenty minutes to throw together.

no menu meals

I’m back on schedule this week with a meal plan, though I’ve moved it up one day and am trying to do my menu and shopping on Saturday. When I do menu + shopping + prep/cooking on Sunday it takes a huge chunk of time, plus the grocery stores are a mad house on Sundays. So I’m trying to split up the work and keep my sanity. I very nearly purposely rammed a 7 year old at TJs last weekend because he was out of control and his mother could have cared less. At that moment I decided to abandon all future baby plans. Maybe switching to Saturday shopping will change my mind, but for now I’m thrilled with being an aunt.

Wow, digression. Okay, here’s this week’s menu. Yes, it’s very heavy on the beef because that’s all I have in the freezer. BUT, we got a chest freezer this week (!), so I just put in huge orders of fish and turkey and pork. Yay!


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