Confessions of a Whole 30 Failure

So you’re probably thinking I’m here to confess that I ended up having a glass of bubbly on my birthday and checked out VooDoo donuts. You’re wrong. My last sip of booze was New Year’s Eve and I had no desserts to celebrate making it to 32.

On Friday afternoon I was trying to finish up work to get out of town before traffic hit. I was snacking on a single serving sunbutter packet with carrot sticks. I thought to myself this tastes better than I remember. After I finished the small packet I turned it over and there it was: evaporated cane sugar. I carefully checked the Amazon listing to make sure this was the no sugar added version of sunbutter before buying the single servings. I guess I didn’t noticed the legal disclaimer until now. I decided it wasn’t that big enough of a deal to freak out over and went on my way. But that’s not my confession. That was an accident, I didn’t pack any for our trip, and as the Whole 9 folks say, when something like this happens you have to decide for yourself if it ruins your Whole30 or if you take it in stride and move forward.

So my real confession is Saturday night. We went out for steak for my birthday in Portland (recap of that coming soon!) and I ordered an tuna tartar appetizer that listed only compliant ingredients but when I got it I was sure there was some soy in it, I could just taste it. That’s still not my confession. I can’t believe of all the things I could have done on my birthday I have to confess Brussels sprouts in molasses butter. None of the side dishes were compliant and at this point I was feeling a little annoyed, I’d been being super careful while on the road on my birthday and I just didn’t want to ask for something else. So I didn’t and I ate them. There were all right.

I guess to me the difference between the sunbutter and the Brussels sprouts is that I deliberately chose to eat something not compliant, so it’s not really fair (in my head, where most everything is black and white) to continue saying I’m doing the Whole30. I’m definitely jumping back on board today and moving forward, but I supposed technically I’m doing a Whole11 and a Whole18. This probably sounds silly to most people but I’m a little annoyed with myself. Frankly, I should have just either had a glass of bubbly if I was going to go off plan, or I should have just gotten over the frustration of trying to eat this clean while traveling and asked for some steamed veggies.

The rest of Portland was mostly lovely. We had a nice, relaxing time, but Alfred will not be joining us on any future trips. That story once I clean up the disaster I just made cooking a week’s worth of food.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Whole 30 Failure

  1. Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    I’ve had a few mindless fails (popping a piece of gum on day 1 and using a spice blend with cheese in it) but last night I chose to use a pesto sauce that I knew had canola oil in it. Big time fail… but it wasn’t a bagel or a cupcake and oh well! Maybe my results won’t be as phenomenal as they would’ve been, but I’m still seeing some amazing results already! Don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      Thanks for the comment! I think the reason I’m most disappointed is that now I keep thinking “well, I already cheated…” and the decision to stay on the straight and narrow is harder. Good luck with the rest of your Whole30!

    2. Andria

      Canola oil is not a fail on the Whole30. It is not ideal, but considering most restaurants use canola oil Dallas and Melissa chose to leave it on the allow list.


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