Hello, January!


I might have finally moved away from new year’s resolutions, but I can’t go a full year without setting some goals. I decided on monthly goals, loosely organized around home, finances, fitness, food, and photography. These are totally subject to change, but right now they make sense to me. So here’s what’s on my plate for January:

Home – we are mostly unpacked (there are a few boxes from my old San Francisco apartment in the garage left), but my closets and dresser are a mess. I’d like to conquer my clothes closet and my dresser, and an added bonus would be to organize the hall closet, the coat closet, and my pantry.

Finances – I just want to stay within my self-imposed budget. To help me do so, I came up with a list of items I actually need (or want) and I’m thinking this might keep me away from impulse buys. It’s hanging out inside my wallet – we’ll see how this goes!


Fitness – simple goal: find a routine that works for me.

Food – complete the Whole30!

Photography – figure out how to use Photoshop Elements and get started on my 2013 project life. I’m excited I found a way to work on my photography skills and document our life but not be tied to daily photo taking.

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