Happy New Year (and some before pics)

Happy 2013, blog friends! It’s been a fun few days for us. We started the new year celebrating on Saturday night with the ninth annual New Year’s Eve Eve party – it was my third year in attendance.  That really seems crazy, I know we’re married and all now, but it doesn’t feel like we’ve been together long enough for me to have been to three of these. Is that a good or a bad thing? I’m going with good?

As we finished setting up, I mentioned to Greg that the only thing on the table we owned prior to our wedding was a cutting board, the beer and wine bottle openers, and the spoons. Is it okay to admit that wedding gifts are totally fun? I’m obsessed with my centerpiece bowl, but I only had decorations for Christmas and NYEE so I’m not sure what to put in it now.

There was even a picture of me, which is rare these days since I’m usually behind the camera.


If you need a fun party drink, try this Lemon Drop Champagne Punch from Martha Stewart. I might be partial since my favorite hard A drink is a lemon drop and I pretty much exclusively drink champagne these days, but it got rave reviews from everyone who tried it. (To any fellow Whole30s who might be reading this, I apologize for dangling a delicious idea in front of you on day 1!)

Last night we stayed in. We’ve never done that before and it was awesome. We watched a great documentary on Netflix, ordered Chinese food (I found homemade chow mein noodles on Day 0 of the Whole30, probably a good thing), and drank one last bottle of champagne before going dry. That’s actually a lie – I know it’s time to detox when we couldn’t even finish a bottle of one of my favorites.IMG_4853

We woke up this morning and I had a bounce in my step. I love new beginnings. Usually I spend the first day of the year in a tizzy over all the resolutions I’ve set. Since I didn’t do any this year, I spent the morning with my little family, taking a walk around the neighborhood. Greg and I decided on a word for 2013: Relax. Not to be confused with lazy, but we are going to focus on a relaxing, calm year, enjoying each other, Alfred, family and friends, and our new house. A walk with coffee and some playing in the park with the dog seemed the perfect way to kick off our year. Plus the sun is shining and when that happens in Seattle in January, you get yourself outside.


And now I’m going to make a meal plan and grocery list to kick off Whole30 week one. I’m sort of winging it today, but we have plenty of compliant food to pull it off. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but that damn Holly issued a challenge I couldn’t refuse, so here are my before pics. Let’s hope things are looking a little better on 1/30! It’s a sad day when even lulu can’t help.


I hope you all have an amazing start to 2013, however you are spending it!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year (and some before pics)

  1. Holly

    What? You look great! But man, I totally get it about when even Lulu can’t help. ARGH! The worst. I had this realization last week when I put on my used-to-be best looking Lulu pants on and was like…wait? Did these get shorter? No Holly, YOUR ASS JUST GOT WIDER. Ah well, it happens. Here’s to 30 days until bomb ass After Pics!

    1. Beth Martin Post author

      I tried to convince my husband our new drier is stronger and must have shrunk all my jeans. At leas the Lulu’s stretch! Have a great 30 days – looking forward to reading your posts!


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