On Resolutions…


I opened up my 2013 life planner for the first time the other day and this was waiting for me on the first page. I had a million potential resolutions for the new year that all involved lots of documenting and measuring. But I think instead I’m going to try something new: less documenting, more living. I love goals and intentions, probably more so than the average person, but a set of random resolutions I put down on paper at the end of December isn’t really resonating with me this year. Especially when I look back at my 2012 goals and see how irrelevant they feel to my life right now. So no book quotas, set number of times I must go to the gym, or races planned months in advance. I think I’ll make some goals for each month and I plan to do a digital project life for the year to replace the Project 365, but that’s it. I feel like I’m getting soft in my old age, but maybe I’m just moving more towards normal?

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