Impromptu Saturday Night

One of the best things about our life not being in hyper mode anymore is that we aren’t scheduled down to the hour all the time. We had no plans last night and the doodle is at Roberta and Don’s for the weekend so we thought about going to a movie. We must have really had nothing pressing for me to suggest going to a movie. When Greg’s childhood friend Zach called to say he and his girlfriend were in town for the night and had dinner plans with another couple that the guys are friends with from college, we were actually able to meet up and have dinner with them. They were going to The Crab Pot, a totally touristy restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Zach’s girlfriend is Turkish (though she’s been living in Atlanta for several years working on her PhD) and has never been to Seattle, so was excited to try out the seafood. I’m not convinced their food is anything local though; they only have a handful of locations and two are in the Palm Springs area, not exactly a mecca of fresh seafood.

IMG_1714Greg’s worst nightmare: eating with his hands with no wet napkins.


Apple ginger cider plus crab, mussels, clams, shrimp and sausage. It was good, but very touristy. Not sure I need to go back but it was something different and the company was great.


Chelene suggested we try Hot Cakes after dinner, a new dessert bar that opened in our old neighborhood. Greg and I shared a boozy shake, the Drunken Sailor. It was good, but I am really, really done with sugar and overeating and very much looking forward to starting the Whole30 on 1/1. 
I’m about to head out to hot yoga then set up for our New Years Eve Eve party, but first I’m giving myself a few extra layers. I managed to get gum in my hair while washing dishes this morning. Sometimes I am amazed at my own abilities – Greg asked how it happened and I really don’t know. One minute I was chewing gum and the next it was in my hair. I hope your Sunday does not involve and self haircuts.


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