Our First Christmas

How is it already Christmas? This year really has flown by. I’m snuggled up on the couch with Greg next to me working very intently on building an accurate 3D model of our house floor plan. Since it’s keeping him from working and will help me as we consider new furniture pieces, I’m supporting the project. But also making sure to appropriately tease him every time he gets off the couch to take another measurement.

I miss my family terribly, but it is really nice to not have traveled for a holiday. We’ll be FaceTiming later and I can’t wait to see all the little ones. Today seems normal since our Christmas day tradition is to be as lazy as possible.

Yesterday I finally was feeling normal and ran two hours worth of errands in the morning. Whole Foods had SPD directing parking lot traffic. Is Seattle’s biggest issue making sure no Audis or Volvos are injured during last minute holiday preparations? I thought it was a bit ridiculous.

I made fudge to take to dessert at Roberta and Don’s. I made it with dark chocolate and more natural ingredients than marshmallow fluff. Shockingly, it wasn’t amazing like the fudge of my childhood. Maybe next year I won’t eat crap ALL. DECEMBER. LONG. and then on the holiday I’ll splurge on crappy but delicious fudge.


Once Greg was home from work we headed over to Redmond. From our new house the drive is only thirty minutes. I thought Roberta’s old fashioned tree with pearls and tinsel was really pretty.


I didn’t take any pictures, but when we first got there we all had a glass of wine and some appetizers while we opened gifts.  Aside from many other gifts, Roberta gave us a cookbook that she has worked on for five years. It has 100 recipes along with history and pictures from both the Watson and Martin families. It was a real labor of love and I think everyone who received one this year is very appreciative. She made it on a website and it looks incredibly professional. I’m amazed she’s kept it a secret for years! I’ll have to get some pictures when I use it for the first time.

We framed the picture of Roberta from 1980 for Don. He teared up a little when he opened it and Roberta was shocked to see a picture she thought was long gone.


This was a very hard won battle for Mike. He has been staying with us for a little over a week and when he first got here Alfred hated him. I’m not sure why and I’ve never seen Alfred act this way, but anytime Mike was in the room he would just bark and growl at him non-stop. It was pretty hilarious. A finally seems to have accepted that Mike is not going away. Alfred wore the collar Becky and Arek got him for Christmas.


Our first Christmas picture!


He’s getting a little too big to be held these days, but sometimes we can’t resist. I might be partial, but I think my boys are both quite handsome.


We got home and I put Alfred’s Christmas pajamas on him. Unfortunately (for me) he is not into wearing clothes. He froze and was very nervous in them, so I took them off and didn’t torture him. I’ll have to find something that doesn’t have the hind leg part as that was what was freaking him out. The picture on the right shows how tiny he really is – he’s all fluff!

Alfred PJs

Merry Christmas from the Martins!


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