Winter Wonderland

We spent the weekend in eastern Washington for the first leg of our Christmas tour. Sadly I was still feeling pretty awful so I missed seeing the extended family at the Martin Christmas party, but I did get lots of good visiting time with Ken and Cathy. It’s so nice to have in-laws who don’t mind at all if you spend the entire day in bed and join the family for Christmas dinner in your PJs!

On Saturday I watched Parenthood all day in bed just looking out at the snow.


But, I heard from Greg that Alfred loved the snow, so before we left on Sunday I managed to join them outside for a bit. I’m pretty sure Alfred would have done anything to stay in Wenatchee with Ken rather than come back to the city with us.

He loved running like crazy through the snow.


And doing this weird thing where he would bury his nose in the snow and let his ears plop out to the side. I’m sure that will cost us in more ear drops, but it was pretty adorable.


And catching snowballs from Greg. Though he got very confused why they disappeared every time he caught them.


It was a fun weekend and I’m finally starting to feel a little better. I can’t wait to get healthy, which I’m putting off until January since we still have Christmas Eve at Roberta’s and our New Year’s Eve Eve party. Why even bother when those are on the horizon, right?

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