The Last Few Weeks

I’m blogging on a Thursday morning because I’m home sick. It sucks but I have no one but myself to blame. I’ve said yes to too much booze, dairy, sugar, holiday festivity, and eggnog latte. I realize eggnog lattes are just a combination of sugar and dairy but with the frequency I’ve been putting them down this season they deserve to be called out on their own. I need to be saying yes to more sleep, exercise, water, and turning off my devices at a normal hour. But that is another post that my head hurts too badly to write right now. This little guy is keeping me company today.


Since I am never going to go back and write about moving and everything else that has happened in the last few weeks, I’ve decided to do a photo dump instead.

The weekend before we moved out we packed up our entire place and found family treasures like this picture of Greg’s mom from her hand bell choir days and my kindergarten report card. moving

We got the keys to our new place on Thursday night and brought Alfred over to run around and explore. We ate pizza off toilet paper and drank champagne out of our crystal. Roberta and Don picked Alfred up later that evening to take him for the weekend while we moved.

first night

On the day we moved my POD arrived. It had been in storage since I left San Francisco 17 months ago so it was like opening a mini time capsule. As of today, the boxes are still unpacked in the garage, so I really don’t know what I saved minus the big furniture.


The night we moved was the Slalom holiday party. I usually hate dressing up but since the theme was a Speakeasy and we decided to go all out and have fun. I rented a costume from a vintage shop.


We are sort of ready for Christmas. One of the Slalom companies sent us this tree skirt for a wedding gift -I love it! I just happens to match the stockings Cathy bought us last year. We picked up one for Alfred this year, too.


The little guy is adapting well to the new house. He loves the space and has a few spots he’s made his own. His favorites are the couch (when we’re not home) and under the guest bedroom bed. He also is turning into the nosey old lady of the neighborhood, making sure strangers are put in their place.


And one more just cause he’s so dang cute.


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