And so it begins


After my 30th birthday party I was looking through the pictures that had been taken and came across this one. It’s been a favorite of mine since, given that is has my five favorite men in it: my (future) BIL, my bestie’s husband, my (now) husband, Steve Jobs my dad, and my brother.

Side note: Do they not all look like five years younger? Not just two?

Side note two: How was that night almost TWO YEARS ago?

Four of these guys are recent or about to be dads. Yes, I said four. Not three. Since I plan to use the full force of Pinterest to announce a pregnancy someday, you can rest assured it is not us. Which means its L&S! In honor of the knocked-up couple, I thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane so they can mourn remember their kid-free days.

Library - 0073

Lip-locking in 2005.

Library - 0296

Official bartenders to ring in 2006.

Library - 0363

Tourists in their own bag yard in 07.

Library - 1521

Crazy Jack Johnson concert goers in ought eight.

Library - 2399

Sad road trippers in 2009.


Marathoners in twenty ten.


Mad margarita makers in ’11.


And then there’s 2012. Clearly a sign of what’s to come next…

In all seriousness, I am SO excited for them, even if they become boring old parents. 😉 Someone had to do it. I can’t wait to meet the sweet baby in a few months and watch them tackle parenthood. More excuses to visit LA, as if I needed any!

2 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Lauren

    I feel like we need to do a year by year photo spread of how you and Greg have aged as well. Gosh we were so fresh looking! We should do before and after the baby shots – I’m sure we’ll age even more after a few months with the kid!


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