Sunday Funday

Yesterday was a much more relaxed day for us after an intense day of packing on Saturday. It’s always weird to see your life as a stack of boxes. This is the first time I’ve moved and have zero attachment to the place I’m leaving. Probably because 1) it was Greg’s place to being with and we never planned to stay long and 2) we’ll be renting it out so it’s not like we’re never going to be here again.

Anyway, onto the day. We finished up the majority of the packing but I fit in a few bits of fun. We took Alfred for a long walk as we ran errands. He is good at patiently waiting outside of stores with me while Greg runs the errand. As long as there are no birds around for him to chase, then I look like an idiot trying to keep control of him. I prefer to not think about how this impacts my dream of having city chickens.


I went to hot yoga this afternoon. Four weeks in a row! I love the stretching and the fact that I’m warm for and hour and a half. It’s really helping with winter blues this year.

Finally, it was the annual Nordstrom shopping event for card holders tonight. I am not one, but have friends who are, so I joined them for dinner and shopping. It was nice to get out especially since this next week is full of moving chores and Greg will be away again so I’m on Alfred duty alone.

I don’t have a meal plan this week because my kitchen currently looks like this:IMG_4488

But, thanks to all my previous Sunday cook-ups, I have these goodies defrosting in my fridge right now. (And a bottle of bubbly for Thursday night when we get to enter our new house for the first time as the owners!)



I can’t believe I’ll only sleep in this condo five more nights. Which means only 20 or so more trips down to the street with Alfred. Just a wee bit excited…

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