Shooting 101: Week Two

This was the most intense week of the course and of course it lined up with a crazy week at work, Greg being out of town most of the week, and packing for our big move next weekend. I kept up as best I could though, here’s my results.

First we learned about metering off of a gray card to understand just how our cameras are metering to 0. Then we added on custom white balance. I was excited to realize that with these two tools, I can take much more accurate-to-real-life pictures indoors. Since much of Seattle life is lived indoors, this is huge. PicMonkey Collage

These were taken in our bathroom around 9pm one evening. The first is normal metering to zero (what the camera tells me is proper exposure). The second is metering to zero off my gray card (better exposure) and using the camera’s preset white balance for fluorescent lights. The third is metering off my gray card AND finding a custom white balance. I’m amazed at the realistic color I got under very yellow bathroom lights!

Our final assignment this week was to find the “sweet spot” for a family member. Since Greg was out of town all week I didn’t have a ton of time to practice and have some more work on this. But I’m happy with the results so far. Usually when I take pictures of him he looks very sickly. I have no idea why. Metering off a gray card to find his best exposure (+2/3) and using CWB seems to have solved the problem! Week 2 Finals

The first is outside – my gray card says he’s +1, but I think +2/3 looks more natural. The second is inside, I struggled with this but we were both exhausted from a day of packing so I stopped trying. He’s a little overexposed here but the CWB is good (my other pictures had him exposed very well, but I was having trouble with CWB and ending up with a weird green tint). The final picture is working on focusing. I didn’t have a ton of time to practice, so I need to do more of that this week.

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