The Happenings

Another week is almost over and I really have no idea how that’s possible. And this is how we’ve spent it.

Using the dog as a model for my photography class. It failed as he got up and walked away after I took two of my three photos. 



Having Karmaboxx deliver reusable boxes to us for our move. I don’t want to talk about it, it makes me angry. Small business people – customer service is a good thing. Just sayin’.



Changing our name. Oh wait, only one of us had to do that. I didn’t realize I’d be bitter about losing the Collins. Not that I’m not excited about gaining the Martin. But it was a pretty good 31 years. I considered Elizabeth Collins Martin and now I kind of wish I had. Oh well. You can have 10 social security cards issued in your life, so I’ve got 7 left to play with. 



Dressing the dog up in holiday flair bought by his aunt and uncle. He was NOT happy and it lasted just long enough to take his picture. On Christmas Eve it’s non-negotiable. 


Driving by our new house, which just happens to be in the 1986 neighborhood of year. 



How has your week been?

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