Shooting 101 – Week One

My long-awaited photography class started this week. I’m really excited that it happened to coincide with our trip to Palm Springs so I have cute little subjects for the first week’s assignment.

This week was a basic lesson on the exposure triangle, but explained in a way that I hadn’t heard before and I’m already seeing a difference in my shots. Everything we do for the four week class is straight off of the camera, so no editing allowed. We had to turn in three photos this week, one each of outdoor, window lighting, and low light.

For this shot I placed Mia down with her toys and stood between her and the window, with the window to my back. My indoor shots usually have that ugly artificial light yellow glow, so I’m happy to see I’m already learning how to get away from that. 


We both were under the patio in this outdoor shot. In trying to work on my focus, I didn’t quite nail the lighting and this could be a little lighter.




It’s not easy to get a good shot of a wiggly three year old in low light. Even though this is definitely under exposed, I am still happy my indoor pics are losing the yellow glow. We were in a bedroom of the house where the windows are shaded by the patio cover so not much light at all gets in.



I just submitted these today so I look forward to getting feedback from my classmates and instructor later this week.

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