Date Night, Edition: Fall

Since I was home all week bored out of my mind because I’m incapable of getting things done when I don’t have a timeframe in which to get them done, I did a few totally unnecessary tasks. Like watch the entire first season of Revenge. (It’s good.) And not write a single thank you note. And plan a fall themed date night for Saturday night.

Being the good sport he is, Greg agreed to drive 50 minutes northeast (okay, I might have told him it was 26 miles, which was true, but neglected the 48 minute estimated time) to go to a farm on a Saturday night. We both have been dealing with nagging colds that aren’t bad enough to keep us down but won’t really go away. But I really wanted to do something fall-ish and this is the last weekend we have, so off we went to Snohomish and Bob’s Corn Maze.

We got there around dinner time and decided to have a snack – I had roasted corn and Greg had a corn dog. First off, it was not this pastoral, romantic farm vision I had. There were a lot of screaming kids and well, it was a farm at the beginning of PNW rainy season. After picking up coffee (because it was colder than I anticipated) and some confusion over where to get a ticket, we were finally on the hay ride on our way to the corn maze.

Exhibit One: My wellies before the maze.

Given the mix up in where to get tickets, we lost valuable light. At first I was excited, I thought doing the corn maze by tiki light would be even more romantic. As the sky went from dusk to darkness, it became increasingly clear that it just made it more difficult.

Can you spot the husband?

As I mentioned, we’re now into rainy season. And a corn maze is made of dirt, which turns to mud during rainy season. We’re not talking about a little mud, but enough mud that they give you instructions for how to pull your feet out if you get stuck. It turns out that you actually need those instructions because if you stand stationary for more than a few seconds, your feet will sink into the mud and you’ll have to twist to get them out before you can continue walking (likely in the wrong direction, in a circle, down a path you’ve already gone, or some combination of the three).

Made it to the half-way bonfires!

It wasn’t terrible, there were some funny moments. But after about an hour we were hungry, tired, cold, lugging around an extra few pounds in mud, and really ready to be done. We made it out fifteen minutes later, having spent about twenty minutes circling the same area and not being able to figure out which path we hadn’t taken. We each got an apple cider donut (SO good!) before heading out of there.

We made our way to a local Mexican place for dinner. However, we got out of the car, realized how covered in mud we were, and were too embarrassed to go in and dirty up the restaurant. We picked up take-out and spent thirty minutes cleaning up the hallway, our shoes, and the bathroom. Sounds more like the end to a gruesome crime than date night.

Exhibit Two: My wellies after the corn maze.

Happy one month anniversary, love! Thank you for always being willing to go along with my ideas.

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