Honeymoon Top Ten

Greg and I had the best time on our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen. It is such a cute little town, and while touristy, still feels small and not very crowded. We made only a few plans and it was really nice to have no agenda for the majority of the trip. The first day there we slept something like fourteen hours – clearly we needed a week of relaxation! My top ten highlights, in no particular order:

1. The Little Mexican Coking School – recommended by my parents and our favorite activity of the trip. We had so much fun spending the day with Pablo and a few other students learning about traditional Mexican cooking. I bought a cookbook and a mocajete, both of which I need to use soon before buying cooking gadgets on vacation is banned.

2. Xplor Eco Adventure Park – another recommendation by my parents and another winner. We just happened to book it for our fifth day, which was perfect as we were starting to feel a little restless. By the end of a day of zip-lining, swimming, and paddling we were exhausted.

3. Morning mimosas and afternoon vodka lemonades. Brought to me with no effort on my part, for ‘free’. Unfortunately, these probably have something to do with why my work pants are a little tight and I’ve had a sore throat that won’t go away since we returned home.

4. Xulum – a new authentic restaurant that opened up just by the resort. We had our last meal here and it was so good. Greg had boar and I had a traditional pork dish, probably the best thing we tasted during our trip.

5. Spa service descriptions – it appears they’ve tried to be funny, but something is lost in translation. I didn’t get a picture but our couples aromatherapy massage (terrible, but mostly free thanks to resort credits) was described as “smells even better than teen spirit”.

6. The beach – we spent very little time at the beach since we like to hide under umbrellas and do our part to support PNW vampire rumors, but it was nice to at least walk along some sand since we didn’t get to any other beaches or water this summer.

7. Sleep – did I mention we slept for 14 hours one night and nearly 10 hours every other night? I love Alfred, but a little break from him early morning wake-ups did wonders for our mental health. (And now that we’re back, he’s sleeping til 7 or 8 on the weekends!)

8. First class flights – yes, I’m turning into a flight snob. But when I lose my husband nearly weekly to travel, I should get something in return and I’m happy that that something is I rarely fly coach anymore.

9. Nerding out with this guy – we spent an entire evening sitting in our room making lists of what we wanted in a house and combing down the Redfin site to the ones we actually wanted to see. It worked – four days after we returned home we put in an offer on our favorite house and it was accepted. But seriously, who else but my hubby would want to nerd out with me like that?

10. Mr. Collins – you may have noticed “Greg Collins” in the spa description picture. He was Mr. Collins all week, which is funny because when we went to Puerto Vallarta in 2011 that also happened since we used my Marriott points to book the room. He is a good sport.

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Top Ten

    1. Beth Collins Post author

      Oh no, I had to be Elizabeth Collins since they required ID at the resort and I am not legally changing my name until the house closes. It was just funny as it’s happened both times we’ve gone to Mexico!


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