Fall Bucket List

I had so much fun with my Summer Bucket List, I decided to do a Fall one as well. Changing it up a little, though. Instead of throwing together a list of random goals like last time (Making jam? I don’t even like jam.), I picked a few areas I want to focus on and then filled in the goals. With holidays, moving, Greg traveling a lot for work, and starting at a new client free time is not going to be in abundance. Given all that, here’s what I plan to do this week through New Year’s Eve.

Buy a Home

So this happened a little more quickly than we expected, but there is still a lot of work to do to finish up the buying process, rent out or condo, and move into our new home.

Friends and Family

The last month or so before the wedding is a complete blur. I feel like I didn’t have nearly enough time to keep up with friends and family, so I’m making that a priority. Seems fitting with the holiday season as well!

  • Skype or FaceTime with a family member once a week.
  • Send an email to a friend once a week.
  • Update my blog once a week. I love keeping up with my parents and the girls this way, so I figure I should do the same in return.
  • Set up two dinners with friends we don’t see often.
  • Throw Greg’s annual New Year’s Eve Eve party in our new house.
  • Make family and friend-centric travel plans. I’m not sure we’re going to be able to pull off more than our Thanksgiving travel plans this season, but if we do I want to make sure they are focused on visiting with friends and family.

Fitness and Health

I find it amazing that brides have time to get in shape. By the end I was just trying to sleep a few hours, get enough work done to not get fired, and take the dog out before he had house accidents.

  • Move five times a week. I don’t care what I do, but I need to be more active. Gym, hike with the dog, go for a run – lot’s of options but I’m not allowed to join any new gyms until we move and settle in.
  • Sunday meal plan and prep. We eat really healthy all week if I plan meals and do food prep on Sundays. If I don’t, we eat a lot of Pho and Thai, which is not necessarily good for our waistline or wallets.
  • Make sauerkraut. I’ve really been wanting to try this but haven’t gotten around to it.
  • Eat organ meats. I have a lot in my freezer that I’m ignoring, but it’s time to work on my iron deficiency.
  • Eat from the freezer as much as possible, which is full of meat and will be a pain in the butt to move. This should also make nice, lower grocery bills for the next month or two.


  • Finish my 365 by taking pictures on my good camera, not just using Instagram photos.
  • Improve my iPhone photography by reading the eBook I just ‘had to have’ that I haven’t touched.

That’s it! Sounds reasonable, right?

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