Bachelorette Party

I had my bachelorette party down in Sonoma the last weekend of July. Vanessa, Kathy, Lauren, Talia, Alyssa and Julie all joined me and we had the most relaxing, fun weekend. It was fun to have a mix of college, San Francisco, and Seattle friends to celebrate with.

I got very excited a few weeks before when this arrived.

I had my bride goblet to drink wine out of while we were at the house all weekend.

Dessert on Friday night was one of my favorites – carrot cake. This just happened to be a bright pink one with Greg lying seductively on it.

We spent Friday night relaxing, drinking wine, making a Mexican fiesta (it was all my favorite food!), sitting by the fire we lit, and catching up. And taking (not very good) self time photos.

Saturday day was for wine tasting with our old pal John (he also drove us around for Vanessa’s 30th two years ago).

Saturday evening we did more of the same. And I got to open presents. My friends are so sweet. Until I almost went through security with a few items that would have been on the humiliating side.

This weekend was perfectly planned by the best friend and MOH a girl could have. THANK YOU!

Cheers to the best weekend! Can’t wait for an excuse to do it again – and there are a few good excuses coming up soon!

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