Eastern Washington Weekend

One of the travels I listed on my Summer Bucket List was a weekend in Chelan (a lake east of where Greg grew up and where Ken and Cathy have a condo). We decided to trade that weekend though for a weekend in Wenatchee. For my readers, that’s basically saying “let’s stay in San Dimas instead of going to Palm Springs”. While Chelan would have been fun, Alfred would have been cooped up in a condo just like he is at home. Instead we spent the weekend at Ken and Cathy’s as they were out of town, Greg worked cherry harvest, I read a photography booked and practiced, and Alfred ran around the orchard and napped in the sun. We pretty much had the most relaxing weekend we’ve ever had.

Greg and his little buddy had fun running around the orchard in between taking loads of cherries to the warehouse.

I had fun having an orchard’s worth of subjects to practice with.

And at the end of the weekend, we had one very tired and very happy puppy.

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