Project 365: May Favorite

My Project 365 is really helping to improve my photography skills, but it’s killing my blogging! I spend a lot of my free time keeping up with a picture a day. I thought it would be fun to put my favorite picture from the month on my blog, with the comment that I posted with the picture.

Today is a record for rainfall on May 3rd. We broke the previous record set in 1977. The rain makes me want to go have a drink instead of hit the treadmill. Maybe both?

My favorite picture from May was from a day when I seriously would have moved away from Washington had I had an option at that moment. Maybe that’s dramatic, but it was horrible rain in May and the news just kept talking about how it was setting a 30+ year record. As soon as I got home and saw the window I knew I wanted a picture that reflected my mood – the only thing that was clear was the rain and everything else just seemed blurry. It’s probably the first picture where I was able to really capture how I was feeling with a photo. (Thankfully it’s June now and when it rains it’s at least in the 50s!)

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