Pupdate: Week 10

Alfred is ten weeks old now and still pretty freaking adorable. This week he learned his name and fully understands “sit”. His dog walker is now working on “lay” with him. He also has learned to be a little tricky. He jumps on the couch when we’re not looking and we know he knows he’s not supposed to because of the guilty look on his face when we catch him. He can also get anything off the coffee table. Sigh. He loves his frisbee and, thank the dear Lord, sleeps through the night now. I don’t know how people handle human babies, I wanted to die after two weeks of trying to go to work after not sleeping through the night.

We’ve gone two days without an accident, so it is possible to house train a puppy in a 6th floor condo. A few days ago we were thinking it really was not possible. We’re all going to be happy when he has a yard. After talking to our lender on Friday night, that’s probably not going to be until after the wedding. As much as we’d like to do it right now, it would just be too much stress to try and get that in in the next month or two. Patience is a virtue, right? But you can put money on the fact it will be full speed ahead as soon as we return from the honeymoon!

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